Helping Children Through Play Therapy

Are you concerned that your current methods of reaching child patients isn’t working? Our experiential play therapy techniques are uniquely designed to assist psychologists just like you to break through and truly make an impact when interacting with children.


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Expert Play Therapy Workshops, Online

Offering quality training in Experiential Play Therapy, Family Psychological Services, P.C. presents didactic workshops for beginners to advanced play therapists, practical experiences (with clients) for more experienced play therapists, case consultations in groups for specific cases and phone supervisions where a case consultation group is not convenient.

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Why Play Therapy?

Unlike other forms of psychological treatment, play therapy can have a profound effect with children. Specifically, younger children that are pre-teen. Play therapy can help children work through many kinds of psychological issues including neglect, divorce trauma, sexual abuse, aggressive outbursts, and physical abuse by expressing their feelings through interactions with a therapist.

happy family“This was a wonderful seminar, jam-packed with essential, powerful, and interesting information, insights, and technique. I know I will use what I learned in every session I do with children beginning immediately.”

– Jennifer, Montpelier, VT